Reset and Reconnect Controller

Step 1: Charge Controller

Ensure your controller is charged by plugging in the micro-usb cord into a power supply for at least 1 hour. 

Step 2: Forget Steak Locker Wi-Fi

Once charged remove from the power supply and ensure your controller is on by toggling the power switch located on the back to on. You will see a few blinking lights inside that indicates your controller is on.

Now on your iPhone go to Settings > Wi-Fi and tap the blue (i) icon to the right of "🐮 Steak Locker"



Inside this screen please the blue link labeled "Forget This Network"


Step 3: Open Steak Locker App

  • Open your Steak Locker App
  • Select your model
  • Accept Notifications (If you have not done so already)

Once you get to this page please wait and move to step 4




Step 4: Reset your controller


Now press and hold the small white button on the front of the controller for 10 seconds and release.




Step 5: Finish Setup

Now please go back to the app and continue the syncing process.

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